Friday, December 7, 2012

Encouraging Kids to be Physically Active

Third-Fifth Grade PE Physical Activity Calendar
Third, fourth, and fifth grade students are currently working on tracking their physical activity outside of school. They have received a 4 week physical activity calendar to help keep a log of activities they have participated in, and students also have a daily suggested activity to try out as well.

Check out the calendar to learn more about the physical activity assignment. Physical Activity Calendars are due by Friday, January 4th. Be sure to keep them in a safe place during winter break!

SPARK PE recently shared a blog post about how parents can encourage kids to be physically active. Check it out!                 SPARK PE- Encouraging Kids to be Physically Active

The 12 Days of Fitness
On the first day of Christmas, my PE teacher gave to me...a Partridge in a Yoga Tree!

Wisconsin Health and Physical Education President, Jo Bailey, from DC Everest High School shared this fun fitness activity, The 12 Days of Fitness, with PE teachers around our state.

Check out the 12 Days of Fitness and enjoy this popular Christmas song, with a physical activity twist! :)

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